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All Tai Chi classes are taught by Jeff Hush, who learned a long Yang form from a master in San Francisco’s China Town in 1980. Jeff was 22 then. Jeff practiced that form for 25 years, then, in 2005, he started bringing in new Tai Chi forms and Qigong meditations to broaden the impact of Tai Chi and make it more about experiencing “flow” and less about memorizing moves.

The short 15 minute classes at CHC introduce people to Tai Chi: to help them find moments of balance and flow and peace and deep relaxation even while moving. These classes also build stronger bonds of community among participants both within the CHC environment and Middletown’s surroundings.

All ages and fitness levels are welcome to join Jeff’s Tai Chi classes. The longer paid classes are still offered at Vinnie’s Jump & Jive (see classes and events page). Both the shorter classes and the longer classes show that Tai Chi is a way to build and maintain health. It is a key pillar in the Food & Movement revolution to rebuild healthcare in America by empowering patients to seek out their own health.

We all need to learn to “deploy our own immune systems against disease”. For we have within us natural forces much stronger than any artificial medications or surgery.

The scientific and medical evidence for Tai Chi’s effectiveness can be found in the new book¬†The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi: 12 Weeks to a healthy body, strong heart & sharp mind¬†by Peter M. Wayne, PHD, with Mark L. Fuerst (2013).